Project Description

In rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa, lack of transportation can mean the difference between life and death. Inadequate transportation poses a barrier to emergency health care for many villagers, who do not have access to ambulance services to access medical facilities. This leads to worsening critical conditions, and in some cases, preventable deaths. More broadly, limited transportation options hold back the development of economies, as rural farmers and artisans are not able to get their goods to markets; businesses cannot get consumer goods to rural dwellers; and people living in rural areas have trouble reaching employment, commerce, healthcare and daily errands. MobiLife’s mission is to develop locally-sustainable transport operator networks in Sub-Saharan Africa to provide reliable and affordable taxi, delivery, and ambulance services. The associations will be managed by local dispatchers, who provide a centralized service for business, personal, and medical transportation. By stimulating demand, aggregating delivery orders, and mapping maximally-efficient routes, MobiLife will provide more cost-effective private transport services than the limited options that currently exist. Through in-kind contributions, the MobiLife network will also subsidize the cost of ambulance services for rural patients.

Project Members

  • Jamie Rosen
  • Jamie Boutilier
  • Chris Rex
  • Addie Yandell
  • Samantha Bastian