Project Description

This project focuses on using pulse oximetry to create automated risk analysis techniques for use in paediatric in-patient wards in low-income settings including Kenya and Vietnam. Pulse oximetry is a completely non-invasive device and is capable of measuring multiple vital signs including pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation and respiration rate. These vital signs have been proven to be sensitive predictors of diseases such as pneumonia; the most common diagnosis in children under five in Kenya. Using a pulse oximeter and our smart phone application, we are developing a system which will allow rapid triage of patients. This system will give health workers access to information that was previously not available whilst streamlining the process for admitting patients to hospital.

An additional aspect of this project is developing the interface between sensors and electronic medical records using OpenMRS; an open source medical records software platform. This links with our other OpenMRS project (StAR) a large randomised control trial in South Africa and Malawi studying how sending regular SMS messages reminding diabetic patients to take their medication effects their long term health.

Project Members

John Prince

David Springer

Project Advisors

Maarten de Vos

David Clifton

Mike English

Andrew Farmer